Do you have any payment queries? Below you will find an explanation of the different options available to complete your purchase.

PAYMENT BY CREDIT / DEBIT CARD: only accepts credit and debit cards exclusively. Payments may only be done in Euros.

All credit and debit card payments are done online via a secure and trustworthy method involving transactions with reputable financial entities. Payments are done in real time through the corresponding financial entity's payment gateway.

Please remember that you must only use valid cards that are currently in operation, as well as any security details or passwords required by your bank. does not save, record or store any card details, since this information is sent automatically from the customer's computer directly to their corresponding bank. For further security, all details are SSL encrypted. Payments with Visa and Mastercard shall be done using the SET system (Secure Electronic Transaction). After checking whether or not your card is part of the SET system, your issuing bank will be contacted in order to allow the buyer to authorise the purchase. Once the bank has confirmed authenticity, a charge will be made to your card. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled.

For the purposes of preventing card fraud, applies a special surveillance protocol and, therefore, we reserve the right to put your order on hold until the payment has been received. We also reserve the right to put the order and shipment on hold in the event of detecting any irregularity As an additional security measure, and in order to collaborate with the prevention of Internet fraud, we reserve the right to verify all personal details provided by the customer and to adopt any measures that may be deemed convenient (including order cancellation) in order to ensure that the products purchased are delivered in conformity with the details shown in the order.


If you wish to pay by Paypal, we will connect you directly with their website in order to send the payment. In the event of any issues related with your Paypal payment, you will need to contact them directly. This includes issues such as:

Wrong and/ or unauthorised payment.

Problems accessing or using your Paypal account.

Refunds from that are not visible in your Paypal account.

Credit or debit cards registered in your Paypal account.

Adding a new credit or debit card to your Paypal account.

Modifying any credit or debit card linked to your Paypal account.

Confirming or changing the address in your Paypal account.

Forgotten password to access your Paypal account.

Enquiries concerning orders placed with via Paypal.

Blocked Paypal payments.

Rejected Paypal payments.

Please click here to contact Paypal's customer service.


Once they have confirmed and accepted your purchase order and the corresponding transaction, customers must accept and comply with the payment methods, shipment and refund procedures at

Once has confirmed your purchase and the corresponding bank transaction, you will receive an email including your order description, personal details provided by you and the order number confirming that your purchase has been completed successfully. If you don't receive this message, it may be due to a temporary network communication issue or any errors when typing your registered email address.

In both cases, we recommend that you contact us at

If upon receipt of your order, our warehouse staff have detected that any of the products included in your order have been sold out, they will try to contact you via the telephone or email address provided in order to either inform you about the revised delivery deadline or to advise that your order will be cancelled. In that case, you will receive a refund for all amounts charged for the item purchased as soon as possible. In the event of any unjustified delays in receiving your refund, you may be entitled to receive twice the amount owed.