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In order to select products from our online shop at, simply visit the desired section, whether searching our products by sport, fashion style, or gender in the different options available from our menu. You can check the product description by clicking on the product name, image or the BUY button, and select your desired size. After selecting the size, click on the BUY button to display a window with your order summary. You can then go to the checkout and complete your order, or continue browsing other products.

When you are ready to complete your purchase, go to your basket either by clicking on the icon located on the top right hand corner or by pressing the button labelled "Go to the Checkout". Once this has been done, you will be required to enter your details in order to complete your purchase:

From the shipment details window, you will be required to complete the following fields:

Personal details (Name, Surname, Email address)

You can also subscribe to our newsletter and select an option to either receive a random password or create your own.

Then you will need to introduce your delivery address (where the order is going to be shipped to). If you wish, you can also request your invoice to be sent to a separate address.

Please check that you have entered all shipment details correctly in order to ensure that the order is received without any issues. In case of wrongly entered addresses, KELME shall not be responsible for any delivery delays for this reason.

Please select a delivery method. Except under exceptional circumstances, all parcels will be shipped via express couriers, with an estimated delivery deadline of between 24 and 48 hours.

Following, you must select a payment method among the different options available depending on your region or country.

When this is done, you will be shown a summary of your order in case any modifications were required before completing your order.

All personal details provided are confidential and will not use them for any other purpose other than advertising or marketing.

All prices shown at are inclusive of VAT, which shall be deducted for orders made from the Canary Islands due to regional tax differences. In case of orders placed from abroad, the tax rate will vary depending on the country in question.

All sales are made pursuant to the following terms and conditions which shall be deemed as accepted by customers when placing an order.