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Pantalón Largo Lince

Long BLACK pants. These long pants are designed for sports practice, although you can also use them to go to university or go out with your friends. Its fabric keeps the skin dry and offers you great comfort, regardless of the sport you are practicing. The legs taper at the ankle so that your feet have complete freedom during training. Made 100% Polyester. Wash cold, do not apply heat.


Camiseta Lince

Game and/or training T-shirt in BURGUNDY color. Made of 100% Polyester Interlock, it keeps your skin dry and gives you great comfort during your training sessions. The shoulder straps provide greater support and adjustment. Decorated with the Kelme claw on the sleeves and the logo on the front. Wash cold, do not apply heat.



NEON YELLOW training jacket. Continue with your training routine even on the coldest days. This jacket gives you great muscle support thanks to its compression fit. The elastic fabric accompanies you in the most explosive movements, while keeping your skin dry at all times thanks to the great breathability it incorporates. Made 100% Polyester. Wash cold, do not apply heat.


Sudadera Global

RED training sweatshirt. Take your training to the next level with this Kelme sweatshirt. It incorporates a ¾ zip so that you can adjust it to your liking depending on the weather. The hem at the hip, the elastic cuffs and its great breathability, maximize comfort during sports practice. You can also use it in more casual looks due to its versatile design. Made 100% Polyester. Wash cold, do not...


Short Global

YELLOW sports shorts. These shorts have been designed to allow you to move freely on the pitch. The elastic waist ensures a perfect fit. Plus, the high-quality, breathable and lightweight fabric keeps skin dry even during the most intense workouts. Made 100% Polyester. Wash cold, do not apply heat.



BLACK / NEON BLUE pants. Designed to offer you maximum comfort on the playing fields. The fabric with which it is made provides breathability and keeps the skin cool and dry during sports practice. The legs taper at the ankle so that your feet have complete freedom during training. In addition, it incorporates zippers that allow you to put it on and take it off without having to take your shoes...


Camiseta Global

Game and/or training jersey in LIMA colour, 100% breathable Polyester Interlock. Designed to maintain the athlete's body temperature in optimal condition for competition. Available in a wide variety of colors, both in adult and child sizes.



NEON BLUE training t-shirt. With this shirt you will get the support your muscles need to maximize your performance. It will adapt to your figure in a very dynamic way as if it were a second skin, providing you with maximum comfort. In addition, it prevents sweat from accumulating thanks to its great breathability. Composition 90% Polyester/ 10% Lycra.


Chaqueta Chándal Global

BLACK / FUCHSIA training jacket. Take your training to the next level with this Kelme jacket. The hip hem and elastic cuffs maximize comfort during sports practice. The design of the jacket and the zipper that it incorporates give it a casual/sport aesthetic, so you can also use it to go to the university, to the gym or for a walk around the city. Made 100% Polyester. Wash cold, do not apply heat.



Leave your mark with a unique style while training, walking or working thanks to the KELME men's clothing collection. All our garments are made with high-quality materials to guarantee maximum comfort whatever their function. We use a wide variety of technologies because each of them fulfills a specific function that adapts to all kinds of needs. If what you are looking for are kits to play soccer, go for a run or train in the gym, you will find garments with breathable fabrics and mesh panels that prevent sweat from accumulating and keep you cool during training. Our mission is to offer you a wide range of possibilities so that you can choose the item that best suits your type of training. In the same way, you will also find warm clothing so that nothing prevents you from continuing training on days where the weather conditions are adverse. On the other hand, if what you are looking for are clothes that give you a more casual look, you have a wide variety of items at your fingertips; such as those belonging to the limited Urban Instinct collection.


If something stands out from the KELME men's clothing collection, it is its great versatility. With the articles that you will find in our line of men's clothing you will be able to do all kinds of activities. In other words, you will find sportswear that can be used both for sports outdoors and indoors, as well as casual clothing for a walk with friends or dinner at a restaurant, thanks to its modern and casual style. As for our sportswear, we offer you different specialized lines so that you can choose the one that best suits the sport you practice, get the most out of your potential and achieve your goals.


KELME men's clothing is characterized by the high quality of its designs, which range from retro inspiration to the most urban through sports and casual. You can combine our items to your liking to create the perfect look and, to round off your outfit, you can choose from our selection of accessories the items that best suit your style, from backpacks to go to class or carry your sports equipment, caps for protect yourself from the sun, neck warmers and gloves to keep warm and even water bottles to keep you hydrated during your workouts.