The delivery of items purchased at will be carried out by a courier company and will be delivered within 24-48 hours or 3-5 days, depending on the service chosen, except in specific cases such as the Balearic Islands or foreign countries, where this time will be increased depending on the distance, in order to comply with the delivery times, the order should be placed on weekdays before 12:00 noon. Orders placed on a non-working day will be prepared and dispatched by the transport company on the next working day.


The shipping costs are:

  • Envíos a Península Economy: 5 € | Gratis con pedidos superiores a 30€ | Envíos mediante SEUR en 3 - 5 Días.
  • Envíos a Península Premium: 5 € | Gratis con pedidos superiores a 60€ | Envíos mediante SEUR en 24 - 48 Horas.
  • Envíos a Baleares: 7'50 € | Gratis con pedidos superiores a 50€ | Envíos mediante SEUR en 72 - 96 Horas.
  • Envíos a Portugal: 7 € | Gratis con pedidos superiores a 50€ | Envíos mediante SEUR en 48 - 72 Horas
  • Envíos a Francia: 12 € | Gratis con pedidos superiores a 100€ | Envíos mediante SEUR en 72 - 96 Horas.

In order to ensure that your order arrives successfully at the intended destination, please enter your correct shipping details, particularly in regards to: NAME, TELEPHONE, ADDRESS, POSTCODE, TOWN AND PROVINCE. It is very important to ensure that the above information is correct since this is the only way to confirm that your order will reach its intended destination. For that reason, shall not accept any liability in case of delays caused by incorrect addresses.

In the event of any issues with your order status, or to clarify any queries, please get in touch with us by email at

The above purchase terms and conditions only apply to deliveries in the above mentioned countries or regions. Except where otherwise stated in the future, or in the event of new regions becoming available, currently does not ship any orders outside the specified areas.