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At KELME we carry futsal in our DNA, which is why it is one of the sections we give more emphasis to each season. If there are two words that define this section perfectly, they are variety and technology; because we offer KELME shoes with so many details and innovations that make anyone feel like a professional player. In addition, after having been the official sponsor of the National Futsal League for 6 years, we can boast of knowing what we are talking about.

The diversity of the men's futsal shoe collection is designed to adapt to all kinds of audiences, from the most amateur who has just landed in the world of futsal to the most veteran player. At KELME we think about the specific needs of each player, which require equally special combinations of materials and technologies. We turn each of these needs into a different KELME shoe, creating a range with a wide variety of possibilities so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, starting with the materials that make up the upper of the shoe, the seams and the laces, we achieve the greatest possible lightness of the set to improve the agility of our player. We also design key parts of the KELME futsal shoes such as the heel counter to ensure safety and protection. And finally, where we put all our efforts: the sole, designed down to the millimeter with the aim of guaranteeing the best grip and abrasion control. For this, we have technical materials such as phylon tech or the erosion control system at strategic points, as well as a personalized sole pattern.

Enter to know each of our indoor soccer shoes for men, put them on and feel like a professional player.