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Camiseta Bosnia y Herzegovina Local

Camiseta Local de Bosnia y Herzegovina para la temporada 2023-24. La primera equipación luce los colores prominentes en la bandera del país, predomina el azul royal sobre detalles gráficos de dragones, criatura mitológica que tiene mucha presencia en la tradición y cultura del país que, además, da sobrenombre al combinado bosnio. Los detalles de la camiseta son resaltados en color amarillo,...

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The history of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national football team dates back to 1993, the year in which it was founded and from which it began to compete against the most successful international teams. Since its foundation, the team has overcome challenges to reach major stages such as the European Championship and FIFA World Cup qualification. With a combination of talent, determination and team spirit, Bosnia and Herzegovina have captivated fans around the world with their unique style of play and their passion to represent their country on the world football stage.